Graves Trevelyan

Posted May 14, 2016, 7:31:06 PM


Name: Graves Trevelyan
Age: Late 20's
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Pronouns: he/him
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Polyamorous // Homosexual
Height: slightly shorter than average
Weapon(s): Fangs of Lusacan
Likes: Fruits, dark chocolate, fruit hard candies, birds/owls & quiet places. BIG BLUE SKY & FLUFFY CLOUDS.
Dislikes: Evanuris, elves, Humans, bright lights, small or confined spaces/deep roads/cupboards/crawl spaces.  
Hobbies: Singing, People Watching, eating and killing things. 

Personality: Surprisingly hyper active for an old god. Graves/Lusacan bounces from activity to activity, all ways on the move and charging forward in whatever he decides to do. Mostly fun loving and highly strung, loves to play pranks. When needed, he can act mature or scary even, though this is played mostly as a joke. Graves will and has said horrible things that most people know not to just to see what reaction people will give him. Testing, pushing, learning. I hope you like cussing. If you tell him to stop doing something he's going to do it more just to spite you. This is mostly because he is sad and doesn't know how to fix his feelings...or he's just a huge pile of shit. 

"No, no! I know you're kind to well to fall for that 'oh no, I'm a helpless, squigy prey item' shit. Human's where the ones to lock us in the Shit Roads and punched a hole in the veil...and the sky! Human's are always the ones to commit the worst taboos, so can you really blame this old man for being scared?" 

"Cassy, a quick thing to ponder before you punch me. If I had been upfront with who I was 'Hello! My name is Lusacan but you can call me 'your proverbial Graves'! I'm one of those old, musty archdemon becoming dragons that dumb humans use to worship!'...would you have given me the same chance or would you have killed me on spot? We both know the answer to that, hmmm?" 

"Pass me a bottle, the 'God' of Darkness doesn't feel like being sober right now..." 

"Don't give me that crap! Try being stuck in a hole for a few hundred ages and we'll see what your temperament is like then!"

"'re far too shiny to be this depressing."

"I hate to inform you that I'm going to re-conquer Tevinter for sweets. My condolences."

Abilities: Necromancer, Tempest, Shapeshifting, old dragon soul

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  • May 15, 2016
    Ooh, He looks and seems like a Character I'd like to meet!
    (Even though he'd probably kill me~)