Posted Jun 25, 2016, 3:08:55 PM
Name: Jasper Age: ??? Gender: Male Species: Animatronic (wears a green sewn covering) Height: 1 ft. 2 in. Weight: Approx. 1-1.75 lbs Personality: Jasper is a people person, always greeting you with a friendly (possibly scary) grin and an enthusiastic hello.  He has a natural drive to offer people help, though he won't usually do it for free.  He wishes he could drink.  When he asks for something, it's almost always a fairly calm demand.  "Pick me up," instead of, "Will you pick me up?"  His needs are not a question to him.  He expects them.  While he's not incredibly snarky right off the bat, he may throw a few insults at you if he's really angry, but his go-to for people that displease him are threats.  And his threats actually do carry weight. Bio: Haven't thought up his backstory yet tbh, but here's his present: He runs a very successful bar called Zimmerstar in the middle of space.  It's its own floating building that has a linear orbit like a planet would.  He is also in charge of a large web of dangerous criminals, which he can control easily through sheer influence.  Something about this guy makes people want to follow his command.  People believe in him.  He is legitimately a crime lord... who sells all his alcohol legally. :meow: His bar is a prejudice-free zone.  Every race is welcome to come in, and if someone has a problem, they take it outside or get kicked out.   May add more later. ^u^ Yes he's a JR character, and I may or may not drop little nudgey-nudge hints that he likes Nikola.  We shorties gotta stick together. He will also be a judge in Darkworld3-OCT.

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