Dance with Snow White

Posted Sep 21, 2016, 5:05:23 PM

Bleach is over and I wanted to give homage to my favorite pairing. Ichigo-Rukia or Ichiruki like most fans know them over the years. DA link

This was originally drawn for a meme on tumblr called by the same name "Dance with Snow White", depicts a fantastic vignette of Ichigo on his ultimate form (Mugetsu, but without the bandages, so we can see his pretty mug ;) ) and Rukia on his Hakka no Togame alternative dress (the one that Kubo drew on the cover of that chapter where she used her bankai for the first time) and they have to be dancing.

Ichigo in Mugetsu form

Rukia on both Hakka no Togame (where I used her ice crown from)

whole outfit:


and in the "Dance with Snow White" cover dress

As a dance I decided to portray them in a passionate contemporary dance. He is lifting her up to her and letting her slide down to the ground on a passionate embrace. I love them so much and even though the author decided to veer away from an Ichiruki ending, they are, as far as I'm concern, the one and only pair. My OTP. They were epic and they were wonderful together. 

I hope I made them justice and convey the right emotions ^_^.

Farewell Ichiruki <3 

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  • Oct 5, 2016
    Very intimate pose, and I like the windblown look and the details put into her clothing.