YGO5D OC: Yonah [REF sheet]

Posted Oct 6, 2016, 2:25:36 PM
Full Name: Yonah Opal Basselphire

Nickname(s): Lovey Dovey (by Carly when seen with Crow), Caged Bird (by Adrian; her ex)

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Aromantic heterosexual

Birthday: November 13th

Ethnicity: Japanese

Relations: Unknown parents (original surname; unknown), Ronnley (step-father; deceased), Kipi (first employer, like a step-grandmother; missing), Crow Hogan (spouse)


Hair: Dark Purple/Mulberry

Eye: Olive Green

Body Type: Short and guitar-shaped

Tattoos, Markings, ect.: Criminal marking below right eye; Dove tattoo back of left lower leg/calf with 望 (partial meaning of "hope")

Height: 5'03" ft.

Weight: ~120 lbs.


Stern and sometimes stubborn. Can be rude at some cases, but slowly but surely she's shows a side of her as she can be nice and reasonable (and sometimes a little bashful too)


Being abandoned as a baby, a fellow man named Ronnley found her by the streets and took her in as his own. She shares his surname Basselphire and never knew about her origin until at the age of 12 when she found out looking through his paperwork. She got upset and ran away but was surely found in the rain as he took her back home. She forgiven him quickly afterwards and for a few years she secretly searched places for any more information on her origins, but ends up finding nothing. At the age of 17 a couple of gang members broke into their homes and tried to take Yonah, but Ronnley protected her and got murdered instead, burning the house down in the process. Yonah lived out in the streets for a couple months until a woman named Kepi hired her for working for her around the house. She taught her to never lose faith in herself and always find a good side of things even if they’re at their lowest point. Although her first pay was free food and a roof living under, Kepi gave her some money to go out and buy her own place, and that she can still work here or help her find another job. After getting her own place to live Kepi was taken hostage by some mysterious members and was never seen since.

Few years after her disappearance she lost her apartment due to being unemployed, and later on assaulted a police officer and got arrested. She was only in prison for a few weeks when Adrian came by her to help her escape. She accepted the mission and escaped together. But when she thought she was off the hook Adrian took her as his own girlfriend, forcing her to do his bidding and use her for his own deeds.She tries to run away but she ends up coming back to him. After a couple months she had enough, and tries to run away for good. She took his car and drove away, and after going over the speed limit Crow spotted the speedster and chased after her. Days later he finds and arrests her in the process. Crow finds something interesting about her, and besides to pay to bail her out. Not seeing why he does so, he insist living with him temporarily until she finds her own place to live.

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