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By the Sea Shore

Posted Oct 16, 2016, 3:13:03 AM

This sweetheart is another character of mine from my original story. There's 16 main characters to the story totla, and I don't have pictures of them all up yet, but I will at some point. This one, if one couldn't tell, is a lil' sea dragon. This was also where I started my improvement with clouds.

Art and character are mine, don't steal.

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  • Oct 16, 2016
    A graceful beastie, and I like the scale texture details on this one and how the green color pops on their spine and fins - is it bioluminescent?
    • Oct 16, 2016
      Thanks, I'm still pretty proud of this piece~ But no, the green doesn't glow, though most of her decorative scales are slightly iridescent.Her ethnicity hails from a tropical region, so during the day it's usually pretty well lit. I tend to put glowing bits on those who'd come from darker regions where it would pop out more.
      • Oct 16, 2016
        Ok, that makes sense. ^_^
        I think I've seen Siamese fighting fish with a similar shimmery-scale look...
        • Oct 18, 2016
          Bettas were a type of fish I drew inspiration from when designing her, so that would indeed make sense Smile
          • Oct 19, 2016
            Cool, nice to know I was thinking on the right lines. Smile