Let Go What You Love

Posted Oct 16, 2016, 10:39:00 PM

The title is a tad dramatic for the situation, once you know what it really is, but hey, why not. Finally figured out how to submit some traditional art that I couldn't before! The problem before was that the files were too big to open in Sai, since I like to take very detailed scans, but I've found a way around it, though it sorta ruins the quality of the scan, hahaha..... Well, it can still be appreciated, so I'm doing it X)

This shows my main main OC, the red one, in how they teach their younger companions how to fly, after the kiddos know how to glide. I was one of the first things  did with my chameleon markers, and I gotta say I love them.

Art and characters belongs to me. Don't steal.

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