Maid Aesthetics (Pokemon Go)

Posted Nov 4, 2016, 4:56:22 AM

…When u and ur friend aren’t on the exact same page of aesthetics when it comes to “maid and butler” costumes, but you’re not exactly complaining, either…


(Painful Tool SAI)

(Was gonna add their eeveelutions but fuck maybe next time)

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  • Nov 4, 2016
    *laughs* Oh dear. Score one for Valor, I think they just caught a rare blush from the Mystic Leader. ;)

    Any significance to the flowers you chose for the background?
    • Nov 5, 2016
      Not really beyond team color (and to make it look more like an ecchi greeting card)
      • Nov 19, 2016
        Ok. Color-matching is as good a reason as any. Smile