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Posted Nov 18, 2016, 5:33:09 AM

I usually don't work with abstracty stuff like this, but it can be fun. I got the idea when day dreaming. All 16 of my main Ocs for my personal story, as colored silhouettes. 
Characters, story, and art all belong to me.
Don't steal. 

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  • Nov 19, 2016
    That is a cool concept. It almost looks like souls to me - or a little like a gathering of a secret council. And that is a lot of characters!
    • Nov 21, 2016
      Yeah, it is! I still haven't done as much art of my babs as I'd like, cause there's so many of them, 16 is quite a handful. Thanks!
      • Nov 21, 2016
        You're welcome. Smile It's fun to see what you DO have time for, anyway. :)
        • Nov 28, 2016
          Thanks! I try my best with time management, soon the semester will be over and I'll have a good bit more time to make fun stuff~ Though I still need to catch up with putting up old stuff. I have a lot, so I try spacing out my art so I'm not spamming the site.