Seeking Seeds in Parchment

Posted Dec 2, 2016, 11:33:46 PM

This guy tends to side on the lazy end of the spectrum, but he does love studying, cause it involves little movement and he actually does like learning. I need to do more pieces of him, really. This was made using Faber castel markers.

Art and character belong to me, don't steal.

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  • Apr 11, 2018
    Physically lazy not intellectually, then. Sounds like there's still plenty for him to do with himself. Smile

    I like your work on the edges of the books, the little dip of spine depth and implied texture in the pages.

    Is it *very* silly that he reminds me a bit of a pineapple?
    • Apr 12, 2018
      Yep, he just doesn't like running around~

      Thank you, I like books with a bit of personality to them. New books are nice, but a well worn one is so satisfying to hold. Smile

      Now that you say that, he sort of does, what even XD
      • May 11, 2018
        ...Only downside being, depending on *how* well worn sometimes they can be fragile! [says the girl who recently scared herself by accidentally breaking a page off the binding of a library book... >.<]