Winter's Death

Posted Dec 3, 2016, 8:18:25 AM UTC

I finished it.

I actually, really finished it.


Markers - mostly Sharpie and Prismacolor -

Reffed from multiple lions both googled and screencapped from nature docs, googled landscapes, googled British Kingfishers crossed with Baynes' paradise birds illustrations from The Silver Chair, personal photos of flowers, Baynes' takes (colored and uncolored) on the girls crossed with personal photos of children from my family's church, Baynes' take on the Witch's castle, a color-altered eye from a makeup tutorial, and the cracked leather surface of one of my journals.

Made with love, daydreams, panic, and more probably pretentious amounts of symbolism.


Taking a better photo later for its new owner, and calling it the "Success" prompt for 100 Themes.

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