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Always Winter

Posted Jan 1, 2017, 1:57:39 AM

100 Themes - Winter

"Always winter, but never Christmas - just think of that!"

A witch, a lion, a captain, a saint, and a faun in a wood.
Made with markers (lots of), and just a touch of acrylic paint.

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  • Jan 2, 2017
    Nice piece, good to see it in it's completion! Those holly leaves are detailed well, and the pines look a bit like marshmellows, which is meant in a good way.
    • Jan 3, 2017
      Thank you. Smile
      ...Fluffy and cheery, the comparison works I guess. ;) I wouldn't want my marshmallows that temperature, though! :p
      • Jan 4, 2017
        They would be a little frozen solid then, I wouldn't either, heh!
        • Jan 5, 2017
          On the other hand, I did always like rocky road as a kid, which is marshmallows and nuts in chocolate ice-cream...
  • Feb 27, 2017
    I like your style- very appealing.