Elf Angel

Posted Dec 1, 2005, 12:18:32 AM
Yup! It's an elf with angel wings...er AN angel wing. :lol:

I drew this last night and colored it today in Photoshop. I'm done with it and pretty happy with it. I mean there are always areas for improvement but I'm happy with the color and the textures and design elements. I had trouble getting the linework to turn into that water color effect as described in my tutorial. I think it was because the resolution of the drawing was at 600 dpi. The result was too grainy. So I figured out a way to get it to work. I applied a Glausen blur. THEN did the smart blur to get the watercolor like effect on the line work. And it worked out very nicely. I'll have to keep it in mind for the future. I might need to add that trick to my tutorial.

By the way, you can purchase a sketchbook, as well as other products with this artwork on it in the Paper Demon store! Please purchase something from the store to help support PaperDemon.com

By the way, if you are interested in selling your artwork on products in the store, go here to read the guidlines.

Feel free to critique this piece, but I most likely wont be changing it. I will keep in mind any advice you have for me for my next piece. I have a couple more drawings that I plan to color in a similar style.

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  • Nov 30, 2005
    Woot! I likes Susie! I have been wondering when you were going to post another one of your awesome art works! I love this...I love the light around it and elf is wonderful! Very beautifully draw! I have to give it to you...this is beautiful! Woot Smile
  • Nov 30, 2005
    LOVELY MY DEAR!!! I'm thinking this will be my design of choice for my PD purchases Grin
    • Nov 30, 2005
      YAY! Yes please buy from the store and/or have your family members buy from there. It's actually an easy way of getting all of your christmas shopping done. i'll be buying all my gifts for peeps from the store since it's so quick and because of the free shipping deal. i'll be adding new designs as often as I can. I just added this artwork to a bunch of apparel items Big Smile
      • Dec 1, 2005
        WOOT!!! I was going to ask about that after I saw it was just on a sketch book and orniments but then I thought maybe you didn't think it would print right on clothes so I kept quiet. HURRAY!!! Grin
        • Dec 1, 2005
          yeah it takes a lot of time to prepare the images for all of the different products. at first i was just going to put it on the sketchbook and ornaments but then i felt it looked like a good candidate for other products. i'll probably add even more products soon lol.
  • Nov 30, 2005
    its very beautiful. i love the swirls, the're very bright. Your characters are all so pretty, and I noticed that they all have green hair too!
    • Nov 30, 2005
      yay thank you for the coments Inuyashababe. Maybe I'll do the next one with blue hair.
  • Dec 1, 2005
    O.O Susie, he is absolutely beautiful. I have always admired your style but you really shine with this one. I love how you have just enough of an area darkened to accentuate a certain feature but not too much to make it harsh. It is really soft and the colors you use are always so subtle. And the colors work exceptionally here. They really give it a "heavenly" feeling. I am really diggin the glow around him. It completely ties the whole thing together. Awesome work hun. Yes Much love. ^_^
    • Dec 2, 2005
      Yay thank you very much for the comments Lady Anime. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts on things. Big Smile
  • Dec 3, 2005
    This is great! It's all mystical looking and such. I love that glowy thing around the corners it makes it seem so dreamy and the colors are so soft looking. I totally love this! Favorite
  • Dec 9, 2005
    Wow...............O.OO.OO.OO.O It`s....beutiful!!!!!!O.OO.OO.O I love it! It looks so caring,so gentle,so......angelic!!!!ROFLU are sooooo talented!!!! He looks like an angel-guardian!!!! So protective and caring! I love this piccy!!!!!!Great work Susie!!! As always!Wink U are very talented! Don`t waste it!!! All my love to you!HeartMwah!Heart
    • Dec 9, 2005
      Thank you Saiyangirl4ever
      • Dec 10, 2005
        Aww...You`re welcome! And your other works are great too! I bow my head in frony of you,`cause you are a great artist!HeartAll my love to you!Heart
  • Aug 21, 2007
    ahw very nice. this piece really has this dreamy look ^^ I really like it!
  • Nov 18, 2007
    *VERY* pretty!! Smile
    • Nov 23, 2007
      Thank you for the comments Wayne Big Smile