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Crackle Bowl

Posted Jan 22, 2017, 12:44:19 AM

    First day of my Raku class, we walk in and the professor has a bunch of bisqued bowls and raku glaze and has us decorate one each- now that's how to get a class started. We all used white crackle, so we had to figure out how to dip, drip, or brush our pieces to make them unique, which I like~ I'm not all too fond of dip/dripping my stuff, so I brushed on all the glaze for this. From the sounds of it, this class is going to be pretty fast paced, and due to the quickness of raku, I'll probably be putting up a lot of clay stuff in the near future.
    For those who don't know what raku is, it's a way to fire a bisqued piece of clay where you have the temperature lower than in a standard high fire and put the piece into a reduction chamber directly after it's done, which causes all bare clay to turn that soft matte black color you see here~
    I know this piece isn't all too exciting in itself, but it was an experience I enjoyed.
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  • Jan 22, 2017
    It's kinda visually fun - the wavy dark/light pattern reminds me of leaf-shadows. I'm glad you're getting to work with a new technique! ^_^
    • Jan 23, 2017
      Thanks! I'm going to be posting a lot of raku this semester because of this class, it's gonna be fun.
      • Jan 27, 2017
        I look forward to that, then. Smile