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L'Engle Tribute

Posted Feb 10, 2017, 2:03:37 AM

I had a go at a Madeleine L’Engle tribute in acrylic paints. It... didn’t wind up looking like my ref photo, but it’s closer than it was when I started? ;) Surrounding bits are mostly from the first two in the Time Quartet and A Ring of Endless Light. :)

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  • Feb 15, 2017
    Is she surrounded by inspiration in this?
    • Feb 16, 2017
      ...I guess it could be read that way. These are her creations coming out of the book, so they could be already-made and coming back for a visit, or she could be seeing them for the first time before writing?
      • Feb 18, 2017
        Yeah- that's how I saw it in my mind Smile Those other interpretations are totally believable too Big Smile Did the writer get to see this image?
        • Feb 18, 2017
          No... she died in 2007, unfortunately. Would've loved to have met her.
  • Feb 22, 2017
    nicely done!