Dobby gift for sister

Posted Dec 2, 2005, 11:14:15 AM

Eh, it was my sister's birthday a few days ago *now 16* and my mother makes cakes herself *has for lie..15 years O.o* so she wanted to do a Dobby picture *she's hooked on dobby* for my sister, since she LOVES Harry Potter the book series. Anyways, my mother finds it easier to work with something that has lines that she can visibly see when doing a picture on acake, so she wanted me to draw a dobby picture. I was originally just gonna sketch it, buuut, me mother and I thought it would look better colored, so I did that, and then decided to give the sketch to my sister in a plastic sleeve, protected, as a partial B-day gift, along with a black eyed peas CD hehe ;). Anyways, yeah, it's Dobby from Harry Potter O_o

Done with crayola colored pencils,0.5mm mechanical pencil,extra fine baal point pen,cliq eraser pen.

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  • Dec 2, 2005
    Oh it IS Dobby! And he looks great. I think the only thing that could use a bit of work is that hand holding the wand. Hands are so hard to do. Believe me. I still struggle to do them. It is not really something that can be taught as much as it is something that will eventually come around the more you practice drawing them. I used to sit down and sketch my hands or my kids' hands. That's the most advice I can offer about that. That aside, I think you captured Dobby's character wonderfully. I love the "twinkle" in his eyes. Smile And I noticed you said it was for your sister. So is she back home with you guys? If so, I bet that relieves so much stress off of your mother. That's really wonderful. Smile I bet your sister loved this. It was a very thoughtful gift you did for her. Yes Keep up the great work Chris. It is good to see that you got over your artist's block. I hope you are feeling better from the other day. That saddened me. Sad




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