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Posted Feb 19, 2017, 1:13:28 AM
    I'm not all too sure what inspired this, but I was walking around and the idea stuck me and I thought it would make a cool piece, be it a lot different than what I usually do. I officially know a little more about hearts than I did before I made this~ I decided to base the insides off off a human's, since more would recognize that than those based off an animal, and since the piece is surrealistic, there isn't any harm/permanent effect in doing so. There's a lot of little details to this that are a bit hard to see unless you zoom in some.
    Now that this is done, maybe I can go back to finishing the piece I was in the middle of when it hit me, lol. I'm getting more art ideas than I have time to draw- if only inspiration would pace itself, heh. Hope you all enjoy!
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