Reality is better then the dre

Posted Feb 23, 2017, 11:21:38 PM

“Be careful with that one, love He will do what it takes to survive.”

You and your words, obsessed with your legacy…

Your sentences border on senseless

And you are paranoid in every paragraph

How they perceive you


The world has no right to my heart

The world has no place in our bed


I put myself back in the narrative

I stop wasting time on tears

,This mix mash of Hamilton lyrics discribe's what I went thought for ten days with another user.
Keeping me at arms length, not awnsering my questions, (doing what it takes to survive)

Not trusting me, my intentions with my questions, blowing up at me with comments like "so stop being nosy and leave me alone! I think this is the last time You ever, EVER looked through my favorites! If that's all, thank You and see You very, very, very, very later!" , " but noew I wanna big break! Let's chat in 9 months, okay? When it's spring, summer or early fall I don't wanna sit around, getting tired with hard questions and consquences - just enjoy my life with fsmily and friends and naling all of my dreams(and not only mine) come true." , and "Can You leave me now? I've got tons of things to do and places to see. Being in a fuss eith Ypu ain't and is necer gonna be rhe part
of it." (Your sentences border on senseless And you are paranoid in every paragraph)

Thanking me, only to push me away becuse I uncovered her stash of homosexual, Danny and sam loving art quickly getting rid of it saying "
D'oh! X0
That easn't funny - that was tragic! Now it's gone, so thanks. Can You leave me now?" " I thank You again for helping me deleate some garbage from my collection and all, but noew I wanna big break!" "D'oh! All deleated successfully! No mote silly situations like this." "I don't need to watch them. If their pictures aren' homosexual, then I add them. Bedides I don't talk to them. Can we finish this sick topic, please? I feel uncomfortable and upset." (How they persieve you)

I admit Five years, a hand full of pictures, vents, calling her out, trying to understand, even making a post aimed at her, for her to say she understands only to turn around and pull some Bull on me. For me to spend four years or so of my relationship with my now fieance talking about her, trying to work her out, trying to keep at it with :iconmarieangel04: I'm done. I've learned something big and that is that Marie is a lonely girl trying to reclaim some sense of child like love in her life, grabbing on tightly to old shows becuse she doesn't want to face the world. I don't need that in my head or relationship She has no right to be so interwoven with me that it bleeds into my relationship (The world has no right to my heart, The world has no place in our bed)

I've come to the point where she can talk smack about me all she wants I'm the BASTARD Queen for a reason. Raca doesn't give a damn what anyone says about her other then her beloved inferior everyone else is just white noise, so let people like Marie, like thaliajordyn2, and deema.hamed and anyone else talk bad about me its as I said in my other post Block me, hate me, do what you will, any and all pain you inflict will only be on yourself that is truth, any pain you inflect or try to inflict on me with your words on this or a note or what have you, will come back to bite you in the ass hard one day. I have a life to lead and real issues to work on issues that offline are big, huge and scary the "waaaa Marie said this to me and made me feel bad" That is for the 10 year olds of the world. Not. Me. (I put myself back in the narrative,I stop wasting time on tears)





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