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Posted Feb 28, 2017, 6:59:43 PM

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Name: Mary Tobias Rainbow sparkle star dust the 5th
Nickname/s (if any): may, Rei, Rain, Toby, spark, star, Dove.
Gender: Female, Nonbianry, Genderfluid,
Age: 240 but looks 15
Sexuality: Asexual, Bisexual, pansexual, Hetrosexual
Profession: Fangirl, Student, model
Current resident: Amity brook falls
Personality: Kawii deusu, sparkles, happy, optomistic, charming, postive, relgious, bible thumper, cheerful, loud, exuberant,


Species: Human, fairy, vampire, wolf, dragon, pixie, ghost, witch, demon, angel, yokai,
Height: 5'0
Weight(optional): 95
Eyes: lime green, sky blue
Hair: pastal rainbow
Tail (if any): Lanky like a basset with the poof at the end, white and mint green
Markings (if any): a star under her eyes
Wardrobe: pastal, glitter, shimmer, bright or pastal colors, loves dresses, skirts and anything girly cute with print, prints, or a character on them, loves hippy boho look, loves converse, sandals, bangally jewlery,
Additional Details: Married to Stan pines, Caption cold/Lenord Snart, Rick sanchez, Rumplestilskin/Mr.Gold, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Pearl, rose Quortz, Danny fenton, Danny phantom, Jagashi Hiei. Has also lived in Gravity falls, Amity park, star city, South park, Story brook, beach city, Earth C-137, Demon world.


She is Hetrobisexual she claims to be hetrosexual yet has everything from “Top ten hottest fictional woman” on her computer to stright up lesbian photos, she has flirted with woman before and loves everyone male, female, other, but will deny any sexuality other then hetrosexual, Similarly she claims to be Asexual and that sex grosses her out and yet has been known to have a vast aray of sexual fetishes

This is how she is with everything from mental illness (claims to have nothing but shows signs of being Bipolar) to her likes and dislikes (Claims to hate beefy men, morden movies/shows/books/etc, penis's, faical hair on men and yet has posters of chris hemsworth, and other such men in her room, as well as Movies like Frozen, Tangled, Brave, Trolls, How to train your dragon two, as well as recently released books and shows in her room or on her netflix)


She is never EVER wrong about ANYTHING doesn't matter if what she says now contridicts what she said an hour ago she is Always right, Her parents are Maddie and Jack fenton as well as Jerry and beth but she is not related to Danny or Rick in anyway since she is Married to them. Also her universe exploded as well so her parents are dead and shes an orphan but she never lets that get her down.


She hates Sam manson, Older hiccup, How to train your dragon 2, people thinking shes gay, goths, darkness, people using her name Mary, sex, porn, However she also loves Sam manson, Older hiccup, How to train your dragon 2, sex, porn, being Bisexual, boobies, women, Men, beefy men, older men, God, the Bible and other holy stuff, nature, environment, animals, music, literature, theatre, filmography, art, video/computer/online games, cartoons, animes, books, fairy tales, romance, mystery, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, boys that are cute, hot, sexy and handsome, my family, friends, idols and fans, electronics, technology, geography, history, ecology, school, English & Polish(also Japanese,), every color in the world, boyish & girly things, love, justice, freedom, goodness, tolerance, happiness, people who understand and like me the way she is, not only the things she does for them, and anything that's cool and good by her. She also wants to Make all of her dreams(and not only hers) come true, Make true best friends, idols and fans forever and never loose them. Share all her passions, abilities, likes & dislikes with the world, Make this world a better place by being on the right side and doing good, To always be herself, To help everyone in need (weather they want it or not)


Voice of character(optional) Jennifer Darling


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