Noy jetat...

Posted Mar 25, 2017, 6:59:56 AM

This is a very old piece. The line art was originally done, I'd say, over seven or eight years ago. I picked up this request from a couple of artists on y!Gallery who, like myself, really loved this series--The Pirates of Dark Water. It was a total shame that they cancelled it. I was in my yaoi stage of life, so like a good yaoi fiend, I delivered... mostly. I hadn't grasped digital yet. That was then,...

...and this is now. I am so very tickled with how this came out! I'm not even joking. I was gonna go all out on shading and highlights, but I said "Fuck it!" I would rather it look like it came from of the show. XD

Now, if someone would like me to take it up a notch, I can do that, too. I only wish I was good at backgrounds. ^^;


Ren and Ioz © David Kirschner

Artwork © Dex Wolfhurst (C. S. Hurst) 2004-2017

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