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LaGomita's Meme's Meme

Posted Mar 25, 2017, 7:08:56 AM

This is a quick paint of one of my headcritters, Ashe. He's a crazy sarong-wearing, hippie man who likes to be a goob every now and then. His hand shot up first when this meme was brought to my attention, so I let him be my muse for the day. (He would like to ask my viewers not to pay too much attention to his bloodshot eyes in some of the shots. >.>)

I decided to draw this realistically for my own sanity. I am not very good at drawing super cartoony things without completely replicating certain styles. I know the expressions are not spot on, but I wanted to correctly portray his personality and the faces he would make. I hope to do more memes in the future with more of my headmates. Thanks for viewing! ^__^

The blank meme can be found here: Meme's meme Blank


Ashe/Artwork © Dex Wolfhurst (C. S. Hurst) 2004-2017

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