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Nestled Among the Branches

Posted Apr 2, 2017, 4:50:40 AM

    This is some more of what I scanned last week, but I figured I'd space out my deviations so that they would cover my inactivity :) cause I'm still debatably obsessed with my new game and haven't done much art :)
    I've been thinking of getting into more bird art since I love the heck out of birds, and while I've done a fair amount of them through sculpture, I think it'd be fun to try them out in a few other mediums too~ Most of the birds I'll be drawing will probably be this one, since this is going to be my birdsona (I love magpies, and they aren't too complex, so seems good to me).
    On a different and unrelated nots, gas is back on in my campus, so expect new sculptures soon!!
Art and sona belong to me. Don't steal or repost, thanks~ 

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