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Inner and Outter

Posted Apr 7, 2017, 4:06:48 AM

      This piece was raku fired and reduced, which is what caused that lovely matte black color to happen~ I usually don't do human art, especially in clay, but there was one class session in which the professor showed us a lot of pictures of ancient human sculptures, around when people were starting to figure out the special properties of clay, and then told us that we were supposed to make one in a similar style that we would later leave hidden somewhere for someone to find- which I didn't mind the thought, since I didn't think I'd actually like how it came out- once I started carving the markings into it that changed though, lol, no one's going to know if I keep it or not.
Art belongs to me. Please don't steal or repost without my permission, thanks.

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  • Apr 11, 2017
    This is really neat. I like how you showed all the different angles. She looks like some sort of water elemental character.
    • Apr 16, 2017
      You think so? I didn't have that in mind, but that would be a neat line of thought. And I usually try showing my pieces at several angles, since the multi-dimensionality of sculpture is a distinct part of it's appeal~ Thanks!