Idril Celebrindal

Posted Apr 17, 2017, 4:21:34 AM

Idril was the only child of Turgon, lord of Gondolin. She fell in love with a man named Tuor

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  • Apr 18, 2017
    Celebrindal, princess of Gondolin. <3 A watchful king's daughter. She could be pretty badass too - the whole "why yes I will put on chainmail and fight my way out of this city while carrying my toddler" thing is just wow <3 - but it's cool to see a pretty peacetime look for her.
    Nice belt, BTW! I bet it would be fun to fabricate something like that.
    • Apr 18, 2017
      Ahh yass, another badass lady! Mr Tolkien knew how to write female characters Smile
      I imagined her very regal, very poised..
      That belt 😂 Omg how I came up with those strange, unfeasible renditions of clothes and accessories will always be a mistery to me!
      • Apr 20, 2017
        ...I think I saw a similar belt on a cosplayer once, actually?
        • Apr 21, 2017
          Oh yeah? Wow, how did they made it? I would so like to know!😀
          • Apr 21, 2017
            Oops.. *make 😜
          • Apr 21, 2017
            I didn't get her contact info, although I think I did try to sketch her at one point in one of my older pads. Smile