Brother to Lee

Posted Dec 4, 2005, 3:37:52 PM

Well, this guy, wasn't SUPPOSED to be what I was attemtping to draw in the beggining, but I ended up, drawing a new character, while trying to draw my Lee character. So, in effect, I'm going to call this guy, Lee's brother, and because he has an older look to him, he shall be Lee's older brother, but he won't have any special abilities, just an older brother who is there for his younger brother ;). I already know what I'm going to color..because for some reason, even WHILE I was working with him..his color just kept shouting out in my head..funny how drawings speak to you like that sometime..and fubby how they come out when you aren't really trying to XD. I'm thinking of a name for him, but I'll wait till I've colored him to place it ^^

Oh, one more bit of news, I FINALLY fixed the dang scanner problem..don't know why it works but it does my DPI *whatever the heck that does* from 100 DPI, to 600 DPI, since Bogusred talks about using 600 DPI lol, then re-loaded my scanner software., made the contrasts and brightness much brighter, works O.o lol..

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  • Dec 4, 2005
    Wow, this looks great!! You did so good with this. Wonderful job, he looks great so far!! Can't wait to see the rest. Grin

  • Dec 4, 2005
    Look at that hand! You're getting it Chris! Yes It looks pretty damn near perfect. Smile I love that little salute. And you HAD to put the hat on him huh? Very cute. Let's see, I agree with Atlantis that the back of his neck is curved the wrong way. INstead of having it curve outward, maybe you should keep the back of the neck straight or even have it curve inward just slightly. And the front part of his neck should be just a bit further back under his chin. And finally, in anime the points of the jaw should be straight across from each other. (His right side is a bit higher than the left.) I hope this helps. I hate drawing anime faces simply for the fact that it is hard to get the dimensions down. Especially on Mr. Inuyasha. I hate drawing him.>_< The angle of his jaw is so hard to get down. But anywhoo, I think he is looking great. You have a wonderful ability coming up with new characters all the time. Even if it is by accident. Wink I'll be waiting to see this all finished. I am excited to see what kind of coors you will use for him. In my opinion you should use red because that is the mostest wonderful colorful in the world. Innocent (Oh and I am glad you fixed your scanner. Yes )
  • Dec 4, 2005
    This is really good Chris. I love how you sketched him, I think you are much better with drawing hands now.^_^ The only thing I see that needs to be fixed is the neck. It seems to be curved the wrong way. I love his expression too. Well done! Thumbs Up




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