Lee's Brother Yori

Posted Dec 5, 2005, 3:21:13 AM

*Does a dance* YAY! I'm SO happy about this guy. I was intending to do a new drawing for my Lee, and this guy just happened to let himself out. But I LOVE em'. He has this calm look to him, and he's Lee's older brother because he was brought forth from working on Lee hehe ^^.

Anyways, Yori is 20 years old, no special abilites like Lee, is quite intelligent, and just like he looks, he has a very calm demeanor to him, and of course, with a smile and face like that, he's one nice guy to get to know ;).

*Oh yeah, both Lee and Yori have a thing for hats, like what they're wearing hehe, guess why ;)*

I saw everyone's comments on the W.I.P of him, and thankyou, I took to note, about his neck and curve of his face. I tried several times to correct the thing with his neck, but for some odd reason, it kept getting put like that *like my hand was possesed to do it O_x* then too, the hair draped at that part of his neck, makes it look curved as well, but the line going down is straight I assure ya ^_~.


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  • Dec 16, 2005
    Nice job.The coloring is great and I really like the hat.Over all, wonderfull job on this artwork! ^__^
    • Dec 18, 2005
      Thanks, glad you likes it ^_^ The coloring was a fu choice for me, and the hat I adore lol..I need to get over that fetish though, but it matches him so well, ahhh XD lol. Thanks again ^_^
  • Dec 5, 2005
    *Joins in the dance Grin * Who can resist dudes in hats *sigh* He looks great!! I love the hair color. Are we going to get to see the brothers together any time soon??
    • Dec 5, 2005
      LMAO! Are you scrying in my bowl with me or smething? XD lol. And yes, I totally dig the hats as well hehe. *Wears one of his own like Lee's* ^_^ I also love the color for his hair I chose as well, it fits his look PERFECTLY..hell..everything I chose about him I'm loving lol! Laughing Thanks for commenting ^_^
      • Dec 5, 2005
        *snatches hat from you* Oh darn it don't fit Cry guess u can have it back I'll steall my old man's old school gangsta hat Grin

        Oh yeah, about the scrying... My crystal ball is busted so it was more like wishful thinking Innocent Ponder
        • Dec 5, 2005
          Laughing Ja, tis me fav hat, have had it for like..3-4 sum years? lol. Oooh, I like those pimp HATS! lol, especially the ones that have the feathers in them heheee. Wishfull thinking can work too ^_~
          • Dec 6, 2005
            LOL, my fav hat is my fisherman's hat with my collection of odd button's. Since wishfull thinking works does that mean we'll get to see the Bros together??? *hint, hint, nudge, nudge* ROFL
  • Dec 4, 2005
    I think you should give him a power hmm since his main color theme seems to be blue maybe ice or water and it would make sense since his brother has fire abilities. Oh well just a thought I love the pic too by the way.
    • Dec 5, 2005
      Yeah, that's true, blue does work with ice/water, as well as ice/water being thought of a calm or "cool" demeanor, since that is what Yori is ^_~. Not sure..perhaps in the future he shall obtain a special power of his own in some way..*grins devilishly* but ya never know..not till I actually make zies characters into a manga, HAH!..*looks in his scrying bowl* >_>''' lol. Thanks for commenting, glad you like it ^_^
      • Dec 5, 2005
        Sounds good! I think it would make quite an interesting manga.
  • Dec 4, 2005
    Awesome job Chris. I see you took my advice about the jawline. Great work. I see what you mean about his hair casting that weird angle to the back of his neck. I will take your word that it is straight. Wink Laughing I really like the colors you used for him. Even though you didn't use any red. *sigh* ^_^ The hat looks awesome. It is shaded perfectly and probably my most favorite part of this drawing. And he does look like he is a pretty kind individual. With all the Background you are thinking of with these guys, maybe you should do some sort of fanfic or comic with them. Just a suggestion.
    • Dec 4, 2005
      Fanfic eh? Hehe, it would be a manga then if I did something along those lines, because they're original characters Wink. I like the idea though, I probably have to start thinking about smething like that, but for now, I'm enjoying creating the character and the little biography about them that I have hehe. Yeah, I saw your comment about the jaw, as well as the neck, the jaw was easiest to fix, though, the opposite side is masked by his hair, but easily able to see through it as to what it would be like. And the neck, bleh..lol, Yori wants his neck looking like that, fine with me lol. I didn't want to use red on him, because I'm going by color personality, as in, blue suggests a clam nature, which is what I want in Yori, so he had cooler colors with blue being a main theme Wink. I'll have to do a picture of Lee and Yori together in a brother picture hehe...Thanks for commentin ^_~
      • Dec 4, 2005
        Getting technical here, are we? Wink Well then technically a manga is a comic in Japanese fashion in which it is read from back to front, right to left. So if y0u want to make a manga, you'd have to do it that way. otherwise it would just be a comic or a work of fiction. Technically. Laughing
        And I wasn't saying that you HAD to use red. Just that you SHOULD have used red because it is my favorite color. ^_^ But blue works as well. So Chris... ahem... if blue is the signature color for "clam nature" perhaps you should dye your hair blue and not green. With your never ending shyness, I think it would fit perfectly. Wink Nah, I'm just messing with ya. Keep up the good work. So I wonder if you will give birth to a new character when you go to try and re-create this guy. Ponder
        • Dec 5, 2005
          Laughing Nothing technical about manga, it's all common knowledge to me, as I like to draw anime, so of course I should know what manga is Laughing Not that I'm saying you were saying that to tell me what the deffination of it is Laughing But ya, since anime is what I like it would have to be done in manga form hehe. And yeah, I saw after re-reading my post about this on deviant art that I put "clam nature" lol. I wasn't gonna fix it..but now..I think I should, cus' it IS possible to have a clam nature..erhm..*sweats* >_>''
          Not sure what shall come of drawing this guy a second time..I mean..I tried to draw Lee a second time..and I get this guy lol..Though I've already got an idea brewing in my head >_<''' lol.
          • Dec 5, 2005
            Well I really wasn't trying to tell you the definition of a manga. If you are drawing and watching anime and didn't know what a manga is, I would definitely be worried. I was simply joking around. I was in a pretty good mood yesterday. Surprisingly. I really didn't mean any offense. Sad But on a happier note, I bet your new drawing of them together will be awesome. ^_^ And you have it in the description here as well about the "clam nature." I was thinking that you fashioned this guy after yourself. Because of that shyness you have. I should call you ClamboozledByAnime. *Imagine evil maniacal laughter here* Evil OKay... well maybe that was just corny. Ah well. Ponder Just kidding. Wink
            • Dec 5, 2005
              Oh nunununuuu, I wasn't taking offense to that lol XD. I was toying around with what you said lol, not coming back with a offense O_x. lol. Meh, no biggies >_< Eh, actually, I didn't put the typo in this one Wink *and not because I changed it either lol* But cus' it was already spelled correctly. ^^

              Oh, funny thing too about being called a clam..I had a friend in highschool who was writing a manga using her friends as part of it, and she had made me as one of the main characters in it *mainly because she had a crush on me I'm betting* AAAnd, the character's name was Kaitakashi. In the following year, she had graduated, so I no longer heard from her, so I began using the short name Kai as an online name alias and other things as a sort of remembrance. Then one of my friends taking japanese, took interest to that, and researched and found that Kai means shellfish..so..me being called a clam...actually fits in a sense..so you can call me Kai if you wish, that works as well lol. ^_~ Because I know I act like a shellfish...alot lol..
              • Dec 5, 2005
                Ponder So in the world of DragonBall Z, King Kai would mean King Shellfish? Sick That is hilarious. Anywhoo, I just prefer to call you Chris. I don't want to call you a shellfish. Sad Even though you clam up, you still aren't as bad as what you think you are. Smile




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