Posted Nov 21, 2017, 5:00:56 AM

You're ripped at every edge but you're a masterpiece

and now you're tearing through the pages and the ink.

A piece that I made as a vent a while ago, it helped a lot in that aspect actually. It gave me a chance to work on paint texture, which I've wanted to do for a while. It was a lot of fun, though looking at all that paint pouring out of every crevice on my sona does make me feel a bit asphyxiated!

Art and sona belong to me, don't steal or repost, thanks!

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Constructive Critique requested. See Tips.


  • Nov 23, 2017
    That's pretty intense, Lin! And it seems like a good liquids practice as well.
    • Nov 27, 2017
      It was pretty good for that, especially for how the different colors mix, thanks!
  • Nov 26, 2017
    The colored liquid looks pretty neat!

    One bit of constructive advice, I would suggest looking at photographs of liquid or liquid metal for reference to get more accurate shapes and shading. Right now you're using white with partial opacity for the highlights. But if you look at photographs of liquid metal, the highlights are fully opaque and the darks are really dark.
    • Nov 27, 2017
      Thanks for the critique, I'll keep it in mind for next time!
  • Jan 25, 2018
    This is a really cool and creative idea. I like the symbolic nature of having paint spilling out of a character in a work of art, though I agree, thinking of the consequences of actually having that much paint on one's face, let alone in one's mouth, is a bit stifling.

    Regardless, lovely drawing.
    • Jan 30, 2018
      It came out better than I thought it would, I might be doing more with paint like this later on~ I imagine that choking sensation being a part of the piece as I was making it, not just a reaction though, like a play on symbols, the bright color of the paint blatantly contrasting the rest of the feel of it, or something like that. Vent art sorta runs on it's own watch, if that makes sense?
      • Feb 5, 2018
        oh it really does. I have a piece of art from awhile back that I still like to look at sometimes that I guess would count as vent art. I didn't know of the term at the time but it was very much a sort of mental purge of negativity and depression.

        Maybe I'll dig it out and give it a scan and post it here sometime. But yeah, most of my pieces I get an idea of at some point, and mull it over for awhile before starting my creation process, but that piece just sort of...happened.
        • Feb 5, 2018
          It would be nice to see, vent arts can be fascinating to look at, they're very different from what people typically post.
          • Feb 6, 2018
            Welp, here you go:

            • Feb 7, 2018
              That link doesn't seem to work :/