Posted Dec 3, 2017, 1:03:36 AM

PURTY COWGIRL - Charcoal pencils with digital coloring. ( I thought the black and white was a little boring so I superimposed some sexy sienna layers. Now she's....HOT) !!!  

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  • Dec 4, 2017
    The sienna colors look great for this. I bet our users could learn a lot from your process. Have you thought about doing a video recording of you drawing?

    I just started using OBS Studio for recording the livestreams on PaperDemon's facebook page and it's pretty easy to learn.
    • Dec 4, 2017
      Thanks for the compliments!! I've fantasized about doing time lapse drawings or paintings...you know, where the art is speeded up. One of the problems is that while I'm a traditional artist, I'm a technical dufuss. One day I will, though, because it's nagging at me to do just that. The only other option is to Bob Ross it...."Let's just put a happy little bush right here...." LOL