Discord Meta Chat Doodle 1

Posted Jan 4, 2018, 11:04:19 PM

Wanted to share some color experiment doodles. This one was done through cheapo color pencils in hot water technique and turpentine. Ink used was from colored pens. It does eh with foreground subjects. I'm probably going to keep this for that background color placement prior to using Prismacolor pencils for the fine details. Might do another experiment for a gradient background look. I forgot that teenagers height (head measurement) generally isn't the standard eight heads tall (typically used for adults) like seen in the Loomis books. Then again, idk if humanoid aliens even follow human rules of proportions. Either way, this was more for experimenting backgrounds.

Subject is my AU Clever muse I rp as in tumblr. I want to look for RP specialized websites I can RP in someday.

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