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Discord Meta Chat Doodle 2

Posted Jan 4, 2018, 11:17:48 PM

Much like the other meta chat doodle, this is the same hot water technique. But, with cheapo pastel pencils. 

Conclusion: The pastel breaks off into chalky pieces easily so the best approach is to mix the hot water exposed pastel pencil with turpentine in a small glass container while smashing the chalky pieces up. Not plastic unless you want the turpentine to shrivel it up. 

This one is loosely based on a discord server (meta chat channel)  where two muns rped as Loki and Thor (instead of their AU doctors) and when a character appeared for a moment and made a cupcake appear, my kid muse took the cupcake and put a horse plushie in place of it. The Loki in the chat thought Thor put it there as a joke, my muse threw the cupcake wrapper in the biohazard cause he thought the wrapper is edible as well (like the ones he eats in the 45th century). He then noticed the two were still fighting and he took the plushie back, Thor pointing the evidence that he didn't pull the horse plush trick on Loki. Not much really happened anyway cause in these meta-chats, my muse prefers being the introvert cause everyone else in the chat RP adult verse counterpart and I only RP him either a child or a teenager for character development reasons. 

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  • Jan 11, 2018
    This pony is cute. Thanks for posting details about your process.