The Twins (sketch)

Posted Jan 9, 2018, 5:02:30 AM

Twins Azalea (left) and Rose (right) Snowflower, as Green Elves, and Druids of the Order of the Great Oak.

Green Elves are a fantasy race I created within the same universe as Avian Elves, which I've mentioned in at least one previous drawing. Green Elves have plant features as part of their biology; vines, leaves, and flowers in their hair, which grow out of their scalp just like their hair, leaves embedded in their skin, and lines of transluscent plant flesh running along their arms, legs, and torso.

The Order of the Great Oak is a group of elven nature mages from various clans who serve The Oak, an ancient, enourmous, sapient tree that connects all who live in the domain with a latent psychic field, and relies upon the Druids to care for The Garden, the name for the land in which Green Elves and Avian Elves live.

Rose and Azalea are pictured here in full official Druid garb. There's a bunch of symbolism to the outfit.

  • Oak leaves embroidered on the inner palms of the gloves to remind the druid that they act as The Oak's hands in the world.

  • Vines and flower on boots to remind the druid to endeavor to bring growth and compassion wheresoever they may tread.

  • Clan mark (Clan Snowflower in this case, though druids from other clans would have their respective mark in this same spot instead) on left side of the chestwrap, closer to the heart, to remind one to hold one's family dear, and that one carries the love and comfort of home and hearth in their heart, no matter how far away they are.

  • Larger clan mark on the wastwrap as a more bold/obvious declaration of allegiance and pride.

  • Flower petals on edges of various pieces of the outfit to remind the druid to always seek to help love and peace to bloom in the souls of those they encounter.


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  • Jan 9, 2018
    I like the elemental aesthetic here. All the fun intricate leafy bits. Smile
    • Jan 14, 2018
      Thanks! I do love drawing Green Elves (and other plant-themed characters and creatures, like Sylvari from the MMO Guild Wars 2!)
      • Jan 15, 2018
        Then I guess if I stick around long enough I may see more such. ^_^
        • Jan 17, 2018
          Oh most definitely. At some point I intend to draw Duskie, my Guild Wars 2 Sylvari character. Their color palette is inspired by the Silver Birch tree, my favorite species of tree ^^.
          • Jan 25, 2018
            I'm rather fond of silver birches as well, especially their autumn coloring, when they remind me of Lothlorien. ^_^ It will be nice to meet your birchgirl.
            • Jan 27, 2018
              Ooooh yes, they do look great in autumn! That said, I myself am partial to their deep green colored leaves in spring and summer, and fantasy variants where they have blue or purple leaves.
  • Jan 11, 2018
    So cute. They look so happy. I love all the leaves and vines