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Posted Jan 16, 2018, 4:51:48 AM

Please note: this character is sorta based on a close friend of mine, and said friend is very shy and sensitive. She wanted me to post the drawing (specifically asked me to, in fact), but please refrain from any lewd or sexual comments just because the character happens to be nude, as that's not the point of the drawing and it'd make my friend very uncomfrotable. Thanks. ^^

Rowena Snowflower, yet another of the scores of snowflower children that snowflower family matriarchs Petal and Flurry have adopted over the years. Here she's posing in the backyard garden of the Snowflower Homestead, trying very hard to hold still while her sibling Azalea draws this picture

Seen in the garden are Sage, Rosemary, Honeysuckle, Thyme as grondcover, and other assorted flora.

Note to moderators and etc: This is the first time I've posted a nude here on PD, but I checked the rules and showed the image to Bogus Red and she confirmed that I could post an image like this without marking it as mature? I know this note is likely unnecessary but coming here from Deviant Art, it's weird (in a good way) to not have to mark a non-sexual nude as "mature," so I'm oddly nervous.

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  • Jan 19, 2018
    This is a beautiful, her anatomy is great. The freckles down her sides are really cute, I like how they are almost like strips of speckles- I'm a sucker for freckles and patterns, so since this is like a little of both and I love it Smile Also, the feet came out great!

    The garden behind her is very detailed, the leaves climbing up the wall and curling around the windows are intricate and lovely, and I enjoy how the flowers poke out sporadically. They have a well tended and beautiful garden!

    I can relate to what you mean about the artistic nudity, I was raised in a strongly christian home that is not supportive of female body positivity, so I still get that anxious feel when I draw humanoid characters nude. I'm glad that the moderators have it so this doesn't need a filter, it ditches the feel that the body is something to be hidden/ashamed of that a lot of sites, like DA, give. Thank you for putting this up, it's a very beautiful piece!
    • Jan 25, 2018
      Thank you for such a thoughtful and lovely comment!

      Yeah, freckles are adorable, and this drawing removes the problem of those pesky clothes getting in the way of some of them. XD

      I'm really glad for the site's attitude towards nudity as well. Not that there's anything wrong with sexual or erotic art for those who like that sort of thing, but I'm of the firm belief that there is *nothing* inherently sexual about a body that happens to not be clothed, and allowing non-sexual nudes to be posted without a maturity filter doesn't make it seem like the humanoid body is something to be ashamed of or hidden.

      I'm glad that my art can be helpful to you in any way RE: overcoming body-shaming ideas and stuff. It was a very freeing and helpful experience for my friend, too, who actually chose to pose nude for me while I drew the piece, since the character is based on her. She was really nervous about having this image on the internet, but it was at her request that I put it here, since she wanted to do it to build confidence.
      • Jan 30, 2018
        I can relate, whenever one of my dragon kids have attire covering marks of theirs I like it kills me a little inside XD

        I hadn't realized PD's stance on non-sexual nudity before you put this up, though now that I do it's making me want to draw some fawns. In my headworld, their society doesn't think anything of women dressing the same as men, including being topless, but I didn't want to post art of them where I'd have to put a filter on it (since it isn't erotic or anything, like what you said) or have immature people on sites like DA post degrading comments, but I think I'd be comfortable putting them up here. It makes me happy when people do things to chip away at the idea that nudity, especially among women, is sexual, since that belief creates a dangerous culture for literally half the population, and since (as an asexual) I don't see anything like that in normal nudity. I'll be sure to post what I make here Smile

        I'm glad my comment made you a little happier, I enjoy this piece a lot :) And that is courageous of your friend, I'm too self conscious to even consider that, so she took a big step! She sounds like a cool person, confronting her own nervousness like that. I hope to face my own doubts too, though I think I'll be taking baby steps in my own path.
        • Feb 5, 2018
          Hee. I'm the same way with my Green Elves and Avian Elves, with their planty markings and feathers, respectively. Thus why I decided to keep the twins nude in that other piece. XD

          Oooh I'd love to see your fawns sometime. They sound neat.
          And I agree; I totally think at the very least, public decency laws need to be changed already to allow people with breasts (women, pre-op/non-op trans men, nonbinary people with breasts, etc, etc) to be topless in public. Ideally modesty laws shoudln't exist at all, IMO.

          She is really fantastic. And everyone's comfort levels and stressors and stuff are different, so you do your own thing at your own pace. ^^
          • Feb 5, 2018
            I still have a backlog of art to put up here (for a while, I couldn't get on here), but once I catch up I think I'll put some up Smile Talking with you about your elves makes me feel inspired to make art of my non-dragon races.

            Making it so being topless is legal for everyone would be very beneficial, especially for moms feeding their kids in public, though that is legal and people still have issues with it.
  • Jan 25, 2018
    Yup- this is fine Smile As a moderator I'm cool with it :)
    • Jan 27, 2018
      Yay. I once again repeat that I'm glad Paperdemon takes the stance it does to nudity. This sort of attitude promotes body positivity, and that's a good thing.
      • Jan 27, 2018
        Yeah- it allows for Artistic nudes. I really hate that people IRL call life drawing porn when it's not sexual at all. None of the sessions I go to with a nude model have anything lewd ever. IT's all professional and mature.
        • Jan 27, 2018
          Yeah. Mind, I have no issue with porn existing as long as it's done ethically, but calling life drawing/artistic nudes/non-sexualized nudity "porn" is a gross misrepresentation and, in my opinion, a symptom of our over-sexualized culture at large.
          • Feb 4, 2018
            Yeah- some websites don't even allow shirtless men.The sexualization is so real.