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Posted Jan 19, 2018, 3:18:39 AM UTC
I can draw everything from animal to human and in art styles ranging from cartoon to realism.Options include:•Headshot/Portraits•Halfbody•Full body•Chibis•Customs•Color option is shaded and detailedThe pricing is per character. If you want multiple people in your commission, the price is (number of people x the option you'd like). For example, a two person colored full body piece would be (2 x 40 = 80).This listing is for the DIGITAL FILES ONLY, i won't be shipping you any prints or anything. Once i finish the commission and send you the file. It may take me up to a month to fulfill your order, depending on how busy my schedule is, but i'll try to finish your commission within a couple weeks if possible!Once you place an order, be sure to leave a note with the details you envisioned for the piece, as well as photo references!Example Commission form:Name: (Username/Actual name, self explanatory)Type of Commission: (example: Chibi/Fullbody)Reference: (Image and/or description of your characters. The more information you give me of the character the better!)Details: (If you want the character to be doing something specific or convey a certain emotion. Otherwise you will be giving me full artistic freedom)Notes: (extras, Character personality & small details to watch out for.*Custom Prices and Options:Character-$120Clothing-$30Weapon-$20Accessory-$15Closeups-$15Alternate Forms-$15+Expression Packs:3 Expressions-$156 Expressions-$309 Expressions-$4512 Expressions-$60Bundle Packs:Ref Sheet Pack 1-$180(Includes front and back view)Ref Sheet Pack 2-$210(Includes f+b+clothing seperates)Ref Sheet Pack 3-$225(Includes f+b+c+accessory(s))Ref Sheet Pack 4-$245Includes f+b+c+a+weapon(s))Ref Sheet Pack 5-$260(Includes f+b+c+a+w+3 expressions)

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