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Lemon juice

Posted Jan 20, 2018, 7:48:09 PM

Blog illustration for my article on overcoming artists block.

I painted this about a week ago and that was just long enough for me to forget why I came up with this concept to begin with. Perhaps I was thinking lemon juice is sour and I was full of sour negative thoughts. Yeah that sounds right.

I just wanted to keep this illustration quick so didn't invest too much time in it. Unfortunately my scanner blew out a lot of the colors. I'm going to need a new scanner.

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  • Jan 22, 2018
    Neat concept, I can't help but think of the phrase about life giving you lemons. If this was about negative thoughts, than that's an interesting contrast between the yellow (typically seen as one of the happiest colors) and the bad thoughts.
    • Jan 28, 2018
      Thanks for the comments! Oh i didn't think about how yellow is a happy color. I'll consider that next time.
      • Jan 30, 2018
        It makes for a interesting contrast of ideas, I think it works well with the piece, though it would be something to consider~
  • Jan 25, 2018
    Perhaps you were sick and needing some medicine? Who knows XD Interesting concept though Smile
  • Feb 2, 2018
    cute! I had a different read on it- I have the flu so I am downing as much lemon ginger & honey tea as I can- I feel rather like this pic! Giggle
    • Feb 3, 2018
      oh no! Feel better soon! At least you still have a sense of humor while sick. haha
  • Mar 29, 2018
    I love the fluid lines, and the colors, though altered by the scan, still provide a visual pop. This would certainly be an interesting piece to have hanging in a room with cheery colors and a whimsical theme.