The Twins, Take 2 (lineart)

Posted Jan 30, 2018, 8:38:24 PM

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  • Feb 1, 2018
    Cute! I like how each of them have an spiritl on/touching one of their arms. I really like how the marks down their sides look, the long strips will look great when colored in! Another thing I like about them is how, despite them being twins, the marks are slightly different, the plants at the knees are different. I take it that the marks develop over time, like finger prints, and are unique to every elf?

    Will the clouds be done without lineart? They look very sketched here, so that's what makes me think that. The lily pads are a nice touch, they add to the natural and spiritual feel of the place.
    • Feb 5, 2018
      And yeah, the "lines" are the same pattern for all elves, but the leafy markings on their skin and the vines in their hair which I hadn't drawn in yet in this scan are unique to each individual and grow in during late childhood based on personality and stuff.

      Actually, the clouds are inked already here! Just with a very thin pen.
      • Feb 5, 2018
        Ah, makes sense, it's a nice unifying touch to their ethnicity (or would green elves be considered their own race? Biologically, it can be defined because members of different races can't make a child who can also have kids, but this is fantasy, so that could be not the case)

        Oh, I didn't realize. The difference in thickness emphasizes the difference between materials, though here it does look a bit sketched still.
        • Feb 6, 2018
          I thought that was the definition of a species? Whereas a race is a subset of a species? I try to use that same logic in my settings; my elves as a whole are a species, and cannot interbreed with non-elves. Avian Elves, Green Elves, Mer Elves (which I haven't mentioned yet but also exist), and etc are all different races of the same species, by my reckoning.

          Yup, that's the goal actually. Wanted to make them look light and fluffy and a bit wispy.
          • Feb 8, 2018
            That is true, I have a tendency to mix the two words up, race and species I mean. I'm not sure why that's so, maybe because of how people refer to the human race/dwarven race/etc? Speculation is all I can do there.
  • Feb 1, 2018
    This is so cute! I can't wait to see the colored version.

    I like these characters. I hope to see more of them
    • Feb 5, 2018
      Thanks. ^^ You will definitely see more of these two. They are actually based on me and my identical twin sister (Azalea is me, Rose is my sister) and I very much enjoy drawing them for obvious reasons.
  • Jan 30, 2018
    Aa snake-spirit! ^_^ That is cool.
    Nice ripples and water-lilies as well.
    Are you thinking white lilies, or more pink lotusy ones?
    • Feb 1, 2018
      Your comment inspired me to try painting some water lillies. I'm going to try it tomorrow
    • Feb 5, 2018
      I was thinking pink. I'm really partial to pink flowers in general, though I like all colors. ^^