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Star's Son, Serpent's Slave

Posted Jan 30, 2018, 11:02:10 PM

Another Narnia piece from the oldie files - Silver Chair themed this time. 

Showing my Pauline Baynes influence heavily on Rilian's design.

(February 2014)

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  • Jan 31, 2018
    The woman in the background looks so sad Sad

    Interesting concept!
    • Feb 6, 2018
      ...Welp, Her son got seduced and enchanted, or possibly vice-versa, by her murderer. So. She has reason. <.<

      Thanks. Smile
      • Feb 7, 2018
        oh interesting backstory!
        • Feb 8, 2018
          ...I had the idea that, since it's canon that the enchantment on him is weaker at night and his mom was either a Star or a half-Star, she might still be watching over him and helping him fight back - whether literally in spirit, or metaphorically in his share of her Star's-blood.
  • Feb 1, 2018
    The people look solemn, which is fitting for the title. I like how the woman is far less defined than the person in the front. The boy(?)'s face seems to be dirty or to have a 5 o'clock shadow, which works with the dark streaked background really well.
    • Feb 6, 2018
      Boy, yeah. Well, young man, but I'm not sure what's the age of majority in his country.

      I was thinking of her being sort of a memory or a ghost... still there in the back of his mind when he's far from home.
      • Feb 8, 2018
        If so, that is interesting, since instead of being transparent and hard to see, she glows in a sense, which ties into the title in a thoughtful way.
        • Feb 9, 2018
          Yeah. The glow was very intentional. <3
          Stars are *literally* people in their world you see. Magical long-lived people whose journeys across the sky spell out prophecy, astrology-like. I'm not completely sure if she was fullblooded Star or half-Star herself - we know her father was one, we never heard about who her mother was, or whether she had one. It's possible when Stars are born they aren't born like humans.
  • Feb 4, 2018
    I love the scale-like patterning, really works well for the subject matter. I loved those books!
    • Feb 6, 2018
      Thanks! ^_^
      And I'm glad you liked the scale effect.

      ...Did you have a favorite character?
      • Feb 6, 2018
        Reepicheep! XD I read them as a child... I think most children are fond of him.
        • Feb 6, 2018
          Fair enough. He's a good Mouse-knight. <3
          I've actually got a piece on hold involving him, I should see about going back to that soon... Also some photos of an old attempt at sculpting him, if you might be interested?
          • Feb 12, 2018
            Ohhh yes, absolutely!! :o
            • Feb 16, 2018
              Alright! Coming right up as soon as I'm up to date on my comments. ^_^