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Balsa, Spear-Wielder

Posted Feb 6, 2018, 4:43:56 AM

Balsa from Serei no Moribito, in watercolor and (I think, it's been awhile) Prismacolor fineliner.

Love this lady. She is simultaneously a kickass Honorable Warrior and The Mom Friend. 

(mostly but not 100% a screencap redraw)

(Feb 2014)

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  • Feb 9, 2018
    Is that a crane in the back? I like it, though with the lighting of the clouds and Balsa, it is a little strange that it's a silhouette. It helps emphasize it through a contrast of texture/detail, though it would be nice to see more of it's detail.

    Balsa came out nicely, I really like the folds of her cape/cloak, and the detail of the elbow is terrific.
    • Feb 9, 2018
      Yup! That is a crane! I think I was a little worried how well I could get detail in with watercolor and chose to go the easy route on him.

      Thanks. Smile