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Posted Feb 9, 2018, 6:27:53 AM

So... vent art. 

I'm not sure where to start with this one. Except that, well, some of my less-wanted intrusive thoughts have a personality? And she's been brutal on a semi-regular basis in the past few months. 

When I was younger I figured her for a demon. Then for awhile I thought of her as - just a way my mind represented my depression. Wrapped that part of me up in a story-character's skin to give me something to fight. A *lot* of my characters for art and writing ideas have enough Personality they don't feel much like things I've created, you see. I call them children of my mind - like my imagination gave birth to them, but then they took on a life of their own. So it made sense maybe she could be that way, something horrible I sparked when I was hurt and angry and lonely, and then forgot when I began her. These days I'm not sure either way really. I just know that however she began she's a parasite, and whenever she shows her face it's on me to fight back, and to remind myself that the crap she says about me is lies, and that she doesn't have nearly as much power to hurt me as she'd like me to believe.

And well. I know drawing nightmares can take the teeth out of them. I figured the same principle might work on her crap.

Um. Anyway.

Thought it turned out kinda cool visually, even if a mite freaky. And it's been awhile since I posted *new* material. So. Might as well?

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