On the Breeze

Posted Feb 24, 2018, 4:57:35 AM
Alright, coming out of the relative safety of fan art and bearing my soul with my own. I honestly can't remember when I started this one of Muidemi, but it was years ago and I was too afraid to ink it. It makes me sad though, she dies in my story at 35 and I'm 36 now. When I initially wrote that part of her life I mourned for her a little, but I was at least 10 years younger and 35 seemed so far off...believe it or not, she's my warrior.

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  • Feb 27, 2018
    I like the detail with the hair, it feels a bit messy and far more real and interesting than a perfect bun. Is she some sort of elven animal person? Her feet remind me greatly of a rabbit's. The shading shows the folds of her skirt well, though I'm not sure where the light source is from.
    • Mar 3, 2018
      Wow, spot on Masked Dragon Named LinSmile she is totally half elf (dad) and this cat-rabbit looking type of race I call Vehlmut. As for lighting, lol, spot on on that one too;) I have no clue where it was coming from either, I was just kind of coloring...at least a couple of other things I've been working on have no particular light source either, so it is definitely something I need to work on. Any pointers? I was thinking the other day I could just put a point on my paper and say that's the direction it is lol. Kind of hard when I'm only seeing things in my head to home in on that without a small measure of effort I suppose. Thanks a ton for the feedback, I really appreciate it!
      • Mar 7, 2018
        When lighting is giving me trouble, a light pointer on the paper certainly helps, I'd say go for it, at least until it feels more natural.
  • Feb 28, 2018
    I like the wrinkles in her dress, the way the hair sweeps up, the spread of the fingers in her near-side hand, and the detailing on her sandal decoration.

    I can certainly believe she's a warrior - sometimes pretty ones can still be serious spitfires. Smile

    ...Looking at the color-differences on most of her skin and her feet and ear, and that ear-shape - is she part-dragon?

    Also, good for you on bringing something so personal to the table. A brave move.
    ...And I hope she got to live well while it lasted.
    • Mar 3, 2018
      Thank you Firiel! No dragon there, sorry, but half elf half of a cat rabbit sort of people I call vehlmut in my story. Thank you for the feedback, the way I did her hair seems to be likedSmile

      Ah yes, and ask her lover Masahiro if she is a spitfire, lol. There's a bit if a story to it, but at one point he jumps from the window to escape her wrath (he's a shape shifting race, sort of a big cat my friend likened to a feline version of a direwolf which is a good analogy, who has a humanesque form) and another time he goads her so much she slugs him, breaking his nose:)

      And yes, though her life is short she becomes quite the legend and is considered a savior to her people. Somewhat sad in this picture, but she has some pretty big adventures and finds great love along the way:) Thank you again!