I wasted my times

Posted Mar 1, 2018, 10:49:46 PM

Sorry for quality for this picture because I don't have any scanner available.

  This artwork is made with a different paper because I want to try it out. I drew with pencils and marker and colored this with watercolors.    This is about me realizing that I wasting my time. When I was going High school in 5 years and they said I'm graduated but I'm not really done. There is something missing that I need from that school. I told my mom I wanted to go outside on my own and she said no. I was mad at her and I still do because she's overly protected mother. She wanted me to go to college but I said no because I'm not ready for college. And she forced me to go to pointless therapists which I don't fucking need. She's complaining why I been using the internet all day. I wonder why?http://itsfunny.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Quotes-about-parents.jpg   And my father accident messes things up. Especially, he accidentally burns the house.  I actually blame it on my dad. My mom is right, he is a terrible father. I'm glad that not is fully bunt but some parts. I'm glad that anyone who lived that house is alive. But my family were to forced to go to the different house and live in the basement. Sometimes, I actually hate being a basement dweller. I just sit there and do nothing but eating and using the computer. I admit I do arts in the basement but I really need to go to my real home because I need to get my ID card. But I felt it too late for me. I rather just skip college and practice on my art and animation skills. I hope it's not too late.  

  That's why I barely active in DeviantArt because there is too much going on. So, that why I'm avoiding DeviantArt(yes, I'm back on DeviantArt because I wanted to give that site another chance).

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  • Mar 8, 2018
    If you aren't ready for college, then it's fine you don't go. It's a big commitment, and if you rush into it you could get in big financial trouble.
    Hopefully things start to work out for the better for you soon.
    • Mar 9, 2018
      I rather just skip college. What the point of going to college for artists if there is so art tutorials on youtube?
      • Mar 9, 2018
        That's a valid route too, it isn't for everyone. I know a few people with good jobs that they didn't need a degree for, plus success isn't monetary achievement to everyone.
        • Mar 9, 2018
          If I need to make money then I go to Patreon. I made a Patreon account yesterday but the problem is I'm too new to that site.
          • Mar 15, 2018
            That is true. It can take time to get a name on a site, I hope that comes along well.
      • Mar 12, 2018
        Well... some folks find having a structured schedule with incentives to be useful, or like being around other artists while they're working, or both, and also sometimes art profs have connections to local opportunities they can help their students hook up with so there's a networking bonus. But there's enough fluff unrelated to the major, and enough money involved, that it's certainly not for everyone.