Kisho and Koji

Posted Apr 3, 2018, 6:18:32 PM

The super effete boy in the tunic, up front, is Kisho Black, adopted son of William Black, biological grandson of Ayashii Kobayashi. He's a character I've played off and on for the last 12 years, most recently in online tabletop with some amazing friends (and previously in online TT with OTHER amazing friends)

Kisho has a feminine style intentionally, as the character finds being beautiful and petite to work to his advantage. (It helped attract the attention of his boyfriend, Sage, after all.)  

In a session a few nights ago, Kisho discovered he had a little brother, another member of the alien race known as the Chon, who had been held back in reserve by his grandmother, who was the Hive Queen. The Chon are a race of shapeshifting aliens who have various castes but most of whom are low functioning drones, potential Queens, and the occasional aberration like Kisho... and his little brother.  

Kisho has been chosen to lead his people in a new direction, and he decided it would be best to start with his old Hive, most of whom had fled Earth when the old Queen was killed... by Kisho.   

Influenced by dreams of Kisho and vague memories, Koji took a shape similar to his big brother, and greeted him enthusiastically on his arrival on their strange, half shattered world. Kisho was overwhelmed with emotion, finding a direct blood relative alive, well, and... distinctly unChonlike. Kisho and his friends helped evacuate the Chon survivors to their ship, and Koji is now enthusiastically enjoying the world around him. He has a distinct fondness for cute things and cookies, and Kisho is a very protective big brother.  

Koji's still a work in progress as of this image, but I wanted to do a render and see how similar they look, and how different. Koji's eyes are definitely larger, his cheeks chubbier, and his nose a smidge smaller.   

Basically, Koji was a surprise sprung on me by our wonderful GM, and I honestly teared up several times during the session, because he's so damn adorable, and the GM expresses that beautifully. <3 Kisho's adoptive family, the Blacks, have taken to Koji too, with his older sister Terra doing so, especially.  

This tabletop session and group is amazing, and though I've been sick and in pain for months, they make me smile and give me a reason to look forward to the next week!   Poser, Michael 4 with custom characters

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