And So I Went to Him

Posted Jul 7, 2018, 3:04:02 AM

So I thought this would have been done by now, but it is still a work in progress...on the bright side I am learning so much about anatomy and lighting :) I will eventually finish, but want to take my time and get it as "right" as I can in an effort to avoid bad habbits in future work. I am also still developing the environment they are in, which is a new challenge for me to see.  Here we have and odd crop, sorry about that, but trying to cut out all nudity so I can share just the portrait piece. 

I don't even know how to explain the story here without taking a bit of a step backward, so characters only. Masahiro of the Vir and Haldeina Muidemi ni Daarude, crown princess and matriarch to the throne of Llams-and the general "Eidon" when she's trouncing around the Belizios Empire as a man. He bagged someone important, but it turns out he is fairly important as well ;)

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