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And So I Went to Him

Posted Jul 7, 2018, 3:04:02 AM

So I thought this would have been done by now, but it is still a work in progress...on the bright side I am learning so much about anatomy and lighting :) I will eventually finish, but want to take my time and get it as "right" as I can in an effort to avoid bad habbits in future work. I am also still developing the environment they are in, which is a new challenge for me to see.  Here we have and odd crop, sorry about that, but trying to cut out all nudity so I can share just the portrait piece. 

I don't even know how to explain the story here without taking a bit of a step backward, so characters only. Masahiro of the Vir and Haldeina Muidemi ni Daarude, crown princess and matriarch to the throne of Llams-and the general "Eidon" when she's trouncing around the Belizios Empire as a man. He bagged someone important, but it turns out he is fairly important as well ;)

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  • Jan 27, 2019
    I see Muidemi! So nice. =^.^= β™‘ You are VERY talented!!
    • Jan 28, 2019
      Thank you again Yuri! Oh yikes! I didn't realize this one was still up😢 Not finished still, but one of the first attempts at an illustration on my be honest, it got waaay away from me, but I learned a lot. I will use this as a base for the scene (she loses her innocence here - hence some of her trepidatation) in my comic, and maybe someday will revisit to 'finish' it. I did ask for help on it during my first meet up on Discord, Schwarzer Alptraum gave me a hand in red line critique which was awesome! I reworked Masahiro to this one and have used that to help me draw him since.
      • Jan 30, 2019
        You're very welcome. β™‘ It still looks good for not being finished. Smile Will this scene be in your comic? That's awesome that you got helpful critique, the other portrait looks good too. :)
        • Feb 1, 2019
          Yup, you can expect to see this in my comic when I get that far in the story😁 The scene takes place about 3 months after they meet, so there is some story to tell first. He gets her to come see him 'as a woman' -she's dressing as a man- after placing a bet on his life when he suffers a bad injury on the battlefield...hence the bandages
          • Feb 3, 2019
            That's fascinating! They relationship sounds interesting, can't wait to read your story! When is it up? Smile
            • Feb 8, 2019
              You can find it in the Red Curtain sectionSmile It's a little pixelated on PD, but BogusRed is looking into it for me. It is also up on The Duck Webcomics, you can check me out there under ChipperChartreuse as well 😁 Only have the first 5 pages so not a whole lot going on yet, but I'll get there! How is your project coming? You have to let me know when it goes live!!
              • Feb 10, 2019
                I looked it up on The Duck Webcomics, and read it there. It's impressive! =^.^= β™‘ Aah, my brothers and I are still writing it . . . We keep writing and re-writing it over the years, hehe. Sweat Drop
                • Feb 10, 2019
                  Thanks for checking it out Yuri! I hope to update it Wed, we'll see how that goes...I've hardly touched page 6 this weekend, but do have about 1/3 of it done. I should be able to pick up the pace on it because now my frames won't have crazy backgrounds like frame 1 did. As far as writing goes, mine is so not written lol. I have major events formed, but will largely be writing as I go. I got started last year when I was told to "throw a dart at it, start there" so it landed with my teenager stumbling across this giant cat πŸ™‚ you guys should just jump in! That's what I kept being told to do.
                  • Feb 12, 2019
                    You're welcome, I'll have to check it out when you update. =^^= β™‘ I see, my brothers and I would rather have the first chapter written at least before we start with pages.
                    • Feb 13, 2019
                      Hey Yuri! Haha, I guess I could clarify a little more on my approach 😁 Not to say it isn't written, but it's more or less fluid in places, particularly where the plot's major events are threaded together. Right now she's finding the wounded and dying Masahiro of the Vir. From there I have how he gets to camp, and where he is put/how he's treated once Muidemi rescues him. I have his experience as well, the monologue he has which anchors him as a character, not just a creature. Then I have the flow of what Muidemi is going through with the army, how and why they decide to move, where they are going and their objective during their path. So you meet her commanders, introducing central characters to this point in her life. After they break camp they cross the river they go for. This is where it is a little fuzzy at the moment. However on the other side you see the first battle. Not a big one, but important because Muidemi is downed and you see Masahiro has become attached. Don't want to give too much away, but it's very clear. That may be the end of chapter 1, but I'll end chapters where it feels right. I know something happens during the river crossing of course, some spring rain as well, but since it's not a major event I know I'll end up with material along the way but I'm not stressed about the details yet. I'll be able to thread it all together. That's how it is for me, at least. It just comes like someone playing a movie...I wouldn't worry about chapter 2 being complete before you start drawing chapter 1 is what I mean πŸ˜‰ Don't know if that helps, it's just one approach but it feels 'right' to me, and allows for flexibility in my story where I might need it. I was 'stiff' with my writing at first, if that makes sense. No matter how you guys approach it, have fun and it'll be awesome!!