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Natural Properties

Posted Jul 27, 2018, 3:08:11 AM

I recently renamed and redesigned this boy, so I wanted to get some art of him out to show how he looks- especially since I has almost no art of his previous design at all, oops. His new name is Afrel, and I enjoy his new look tredemdously <3

He enjoys active passtimes like ball games, but he also enjoys collecting things with distinct alchemic aspects in order to learn more. He practices alchemy and herbology, but he has a lot to learn and happily knows it. Here he's studying a book on the subject in the shed the kids keep their things in. It once was a respectable building, but now all that is left of the original structure are a few support pillars- the kids at some point decided to tack on some wood boards to make it usable, but wisely decided to abandon the second floor.

Art and character belong to me~

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