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The "Vir'un" updated

Posted Jul 29, 2018, 8:11:46 PM

So I continue to jouney my way through the same illustration, yup. I may be done with it in something like a year from now, but I will keep chipping away at it.  I have put it aside in favor of starting to storyboard a bit, as well as write since I have been travelling and can text/type/brain dump away just about anywhere with my phone.  I commited myself to a major reconstruction that took me about a week following an open critique session, so here's hoping he's looking a bit improved :)  Thank you for your help! I tried to work with a stronger focus on the reflected light on the shadowed side as Bogus Red also suggested. I think it helps :)  

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  • Aug 1, 2018
    This looks so much better! Way to go nice job. It's hard to stick with more detailed illustrations because they take forever. Good on you for sticking with it
    • Aug 10, 2018
      Thank you so much BogusRed! So sorry for the late reply, I am really bad about being around but not keeping up with things...I kind of cave myself in in my world, but I need to hang out more Smile I hope you are feeling a bit better, you are in my thoughts for a speedy recovery. Lol, put this one aside for the moment, but I will hone my skill hopefully and then finish it up. I have learned so much with this piece, though, that it is helping me move a little more with these characters at least. Only tons more people Muidemi meets (and is related to) to explore!