Creeping Up

Posted Aug 10, 2018, 2:03:21 AM

Still way in progress, but I figured I would put it up anyway. I don't know if I will ever have a finished piece to share ;P someday hopefully. Work has been nuts, and so are my kids...and with travel in the middle I never seem to get down to something. I did do a bit of brain dump style writing about these two though, and I understand now what causes "Eidon", okay Muidemi,to slug Masahiro and shatter his nose. They don't always communicate the best ;P opportunity for growth there you two, as I am working through my development plan at my company lol. I've also been studying up on 1350's armor and trying to figure out tactics and war and all...and how the heck Muidemi infiltrates another country with a small band of paladins. She's not going for a holy war of any kind, but convinces the group of a need to protect education rather than the nobility of their nation that had suffered a heavy loss due to a raid by said nation they want to invade. Aahhh, but all of that is under development and happens a few years before she meets, and rescues, Masahiro of the Vir. So this is when she is 17, and obviously she is busy checking him out. They have been in eachother's company for about 1 month, and she still has no idea she travels with a man aside from the obvious that the beastie is male.

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