Posted Aug 10, 2018, 3:45:20 AM

More art of Afrel! These are a lot of fun, I enjoy his new design so much! Speaking of new designs, everyone here is featuring one~ I haven't put up a digital piece of Kihai's yet, and this was when I was playing with Vaquor's color scheme This was made before Run With Me, I'm not sure how I got mixed up and put that one up before this one, but things happen, heh.

The kiddos (except Almond) really like Afrel- he's good with kids and is likable, though unfortunately, they can be, uh, tenacious when they want his attention :) Bogū and/or Fate are probably nearby watching this and making sure they don't get out of hand lol. This is along some of the rockier beaches of their archipelago, which the kids often come to for fishing, though green boy here might have been after some plant samples~

Art and characters belong to me.

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