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Before They Wake

Posted Aug 20, 2018, 11:15:50 PM

At some point I said I was going to do more art of Ques'Sirier, si I finally did lol, I'm a horrible procrastinator, I know. The original dragon dwho would be joining her didn't work out how I preferred it to, so I went with a different option. Also, if you could not tell, I don't work with dawn settings often, so the lighting is experimental. The lovely white dragon here is Evaleen, whom belongs to Dragonhawk2112 from DA :) It seems Ques is hoping for the two to steal away for the day before anyone notices, though I'm sure they'd leave a note or something so people don't think she's been legit abducted or something ;) Didn't know what her home would look like, so I did what I thought would fit. It was a lot of fun to work with Ques, I probably will do another of her soon, or uh, as soon as procrastination allows.

Art and Ques'Sireier belong to me Evaleen belongs to Dragonhawk2112

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