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sketch dailies Squirrel

Posted Aug 25, 2018, 3:38:38 AM

Haha, bit off more than I could chew here so it would still count as a work in progress.  Only dedicated about 4 hours though and got way farther along than I usually can, so this was a great exercise. Tackled a toddler which is different, and a portion of a second figure with some expression and foreshortening. I plan to finish this someday :) When I saw the squirrel, I thought what would my crazy 2 year old daughter do. Of course! She would pull over the nearest climbable thing and climb into the window, lol.  I swear, Ginger is going to be the death of me, but she's awesome <3 Since my story is all about Muidem's life, it was also a great opportunity to draw her as a toddler.  She would have been this age when she was first taken in by the king to be raised as his own, following the deaths of his brother and sister in law. Her hometown was destroyed in a raid by the Belizios Empire to the south in a strike at her nation.  At the same time the Emperor advanced into a neutral area known to have strong ties to the Kingdom of Llams; unfortunately they were opportunistic and went after the prince rather than for an all out assault on the central royals. Muidemi was orphaned. 

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