sketch dailies The Freed Ones

Posted Aug 28, 2018, 2:29:14 AM

I didn't see the sketch dailies image coming up on Instagram, so I hope I got this right...I saw on Twitter it was 101 Dalmations for national dog day. Not quite dogs, but a quick scene of the stolen sphinx or grimalkin children who were being held to sell into slavery.  Muidemi ends up working with Masahiro, barely beginning to understand what race he really is when he takes her and a small unit with him to the estate of the slave trader he had been tracking when he sustained his injury. Because of that wound, he ended up in Muidemi's company with her Revolutionists.  She begins to understand the plight of his people and helps to free over 30 children, most of them are young girls destined for adult trade much to Muidemi's horror.  Masahiro's mother had been one of those girls, so he begs for her help now and she agrees. When they get into the forest, the children run completely wild and all shift to 'grimalkin'. Muidemi and her men struggle to keep control of their horses as they are completely overrun by little beasties resembling large barn cats.  A band is designated to separate from the unit and escort the children to the refugee camps that had begun to form just across the border.  Masahiro shifts and works with two of the eldest girls in the group, a pair of sisters with their own story to try and contain the situation...


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  • Aug 29, 2018
    nice perspective,movement and style! Smile
    • Sep 1, 2018
      Thank you Hermann! First time I've drawn anything from this perspective, this will eventually become a frame in a page for me. It made me so happy to see this come out as it did, and I'm glad you like it. More to come eventually;)