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The Way I See You

Posted Aug 31, 2018, 9:30:43 PM

I had some fun with this one, drawing an 'aura' as Sibira kuni Kirev decribes to Muidemi how he reads her, being magi.  When I thought of it originally I thought maybe a seethrough type of robe? :)

Sibira ends up falling absolutely in love with her the first time he sees her at the age of eleven, unbeknownst to Muidemi seventeen and very much so in love with Masahiro at the time.  When he learns of the death of Masahiro of the Vir, who plays an influencial part of his life as well, he mourns heavily blaming his own coveting of Muidemi for the death of her first husband.  Of course this is not the way Muidemi sees things, but both characters being deeply religious of different backgrounds they have different world views. Brought together some 14 years after first meeting, Sibira explains to Muidemi the light he sees, near blinding when he looks at her.  He describes the green of her fingers and toes, which came from the great research botanist and healer who was her mother, and the horns of the Haldeina guardian to the sleeping dragon of Llams which makes up the "great spine" of their continent. Surprised in their conversation, Sibira learns the Magus never explained to the children he names in the royal family as to why he names them Saiben or Haldeina, but that she just believed it to be a blessing and upholding of royal dictate from a generations old agreement with the royal families of East and West Llams when they became one nation.   He chuckled quietly at her as he shook his head, confirming it to be the practice divination instead.  He is only aware of the horns of those named Haldeina not being part of the physical because as they move the horns lag behind for a half a second, resulting in an odd visual cue they are merely a projected sort of image.  Sibira likens it to "the scent of perfume", existant and able to be experienced, but intangible.

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  • Dec 5, 2018
    oh wow this is so nice !!! love how it evokes greek/roman sculpture aesthetics, while remaining true to your own material and having those elements shine through !! the sheerness of the skirt in particular is very well done, and i love how the horns match the background but retain distinctive shape. haha dont think i have any particular critique for this one i just really like it !!!!
    • Dec 23, 2018
      Thank you Getsmucked! I hope I conyinue to produce art you enjoy😊 It is so nice to hear! Interesting you say classical Greek or Roman sculpture, but such a compliment I think. I actually looked to classical Indian dance for some of the structure here, thinking of how she 'naturally' moves.