Posted Sep 18, 2018, 3:55:53 PM

This is Razzy, she is a jelly blob that communicates by making razzberry sounds. Often affectionate by nature and has a sweet disposition, but does not like being poked.

Razzy is one of the pets of Fandom where she was rescued after finding her being dehydrated. Fandom learned that jelly blobs can only have liquids, so she makes up various of juices to revive her. After getting rehydrated, Razzy became 100% better and has lived with Fandom ever since. They spent their days watching movies, playing video games, and go out to find the latest entertainment trend.

Razzy can only consume water and juice through absorption. However, she can't have any salt, sugar, nor any granulates what so ever because they cause dehydration. So Fandom has to make juices that have none of those things.

Also Razzy cannot survive cold weather or else she'll freeze to death, but she also cannot survive extreme heat or she'll melt away. So she has to be kept in neutral temperature at all time.

Plus if Fandom wants to take Razzy to the beach, she'll have to make her put on a special sand proof suit for her so that she won't absorb the sand.

Razzy requires lots of maintenance and care in order to keep her alive, but to Fandom, she is worth it.

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